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About us

The name DogDepartment (HundeAvdelingen) comes from the fact that, in contrast to a normal dog cage with four walls, floor and roof, the Dogdepartment is what the name says.

Namely a dog | department.

The dog should be just as comfortable in the car as we are

Ordinary dog cages are not adapted to the car you buy, and you may end up with a cage that is a little too small than what the dog actually needs due to space in the boot.
The beauty of the dog section is that it is adapted to the car and the dog gets a fitted space from the cize of the dog. We make 40/60, 50/50 or 60/40 dog/luggage divided. 

The department consists of a dividing wall that runs akross the boot + one floor and a frame of fully welded aluminium.



We are genuinely concerned about quality

Since quality is so important to us, all our parts are hand-welded in high-quality aluminum and then powder-coated to ensure a long life with minimal wear.

Our History

There are certain challenges with having a dog. Among other things, you cannot have just any car. We especially noticed this after the introduction of the Tesla model S. No dog cages fitted.

We came to the conclusion that we might as well develop a new dog cage that suited the car. and through this also easier to have with a dog.

Instead of making a cage, we came to the conclusion that we make a division for the dog, so that both the dog gets better space and there is more space for luggage.

In 2015, the first department was ready for the Tesla model S and after this we have continued to develop new departments as new car models came on the market.

We are initially very excited about electric cars, so the natural step for us was to focus on this. We therefore only supply dog compartments for electric car models.

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