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  • What sizes do we offer?
    The dog department comes in 3 different variants. - 40% dog/ 60% luggage -50% dog/ 50% luggage -60% dog/ 40% luggage Within products and the car you have, you can choose a size.
  • What size do I need for my dog?
    Everyone wants as much space as possible for our luggage, but of course we want the dog to have enough space. To make it a little easier, we have categorized the needs you have based on what your dog weighs. up to 15 kg = 40% dog/ 60% luggage 15kg-20kg = 50% dog/ 50% luggage 20kg and up = 60% dog/ 40% luggage Please also contact us if you have any questions. We are happy to help you if you are unsure of what you need.
  • How do you install a dog compartment?
    The dog ward is easy to set up. Put the cage into the car and then attach the rear wall with the included screws to the isofix mounts. Video of installation can also be found here:
  • Delivery
    We offer delivery throughout Norway. •If you live some distance away, we are happy to send by post and you can count on around 1 week for delivery. • If you live nearby, just drop by. Many customers thought this was just as well, so you can test different versions to see with your own eyes what is best for the dog. • We are also helpful, so if you live within a reasonable distance from Hønefoss, we will be happy to meet you and install it for you.
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